Awesome LEDs! CREE LED Light Bulbs Review

What we’re using:

Cree Connected 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) Dimmable LED Light Bulb

  • LED means low power consumption & long life
  • (Connected) bulbs easily connect to most smart home systems using Zigbee technology
  • Bulb is plastic
  • 2700K Light temp means warmer light

Amazon info:

  • Connected LED bulb – easily control light from anywhere
  • Compatible with multiple platforms including Amazon Echo, wink, wemo, smartphones and zigbee certified hubs (hub sold separately)
  • 60 watt equivalent LED bulb provides an omnidirectional all-around light source Unmatched by any other connected LED bulb
  • Easily dim or brighten to the perfect setting, schedule lights to come on automatically at the start of the day, or turn on lights for added security when you are away from home, all from the palm of your hand


Our Experience

The Good: We’ve been using these for about 8 months, my initial impression was that they were well made and unlike most LED bulbs, they are a “regular” warm white that you’d find in a more traditional incandescent bulb – No more weird science lab white or blue hues! They are made of plastic which keeps them around longer, no worrying about breaking. The price is also good for Smart Home LED bulbs right now! Also, the 3 Year warranty is pretty awesome!

The Bad: They kind of make a buzzing sound, I’m not sure if its our electrical noise or the bulb…but nothing else buzzes like they do – Your milage may vary. Don’t have any complaints otherwise!

In use: These are super easy to connect to your Smart Home Hub, I’m using the SmartThings Hub by Samsung, basically just follow the connection instructions included with the bulb, everything worked with no problems whatsoever. They are easy to reset if you have any issues, which we’ve only ran into one instance that they stopped responding to our app commands. Who knows if it was the hub or the bulbs. They dim well and have exhibited little to no flickering.

Would we buy again?

YES, even though we probably won’t have to because they are rated for 22+ years based on 3 hours a day usage.


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